While each person’s story is unique, there can be a complex number of factors that can contribute to why people find themselves facing homelessness. People are coming to seek help at The Garden House with usually more than one issue and we have to adopt a holistic approach to solving these issues.

*Paul is an ex -serviceman who was the victim of an in-service accident some 30 years ago who suffers with PTSD and has little faith in “the whole system”.

The first conversation with Paul lasted for two hours over five minute periods as he was very guarded and sceptical as to what we could do to help him. He was also clearly very stressed, hence the need for regular breaks.  

Paul has returned to The Garden House on numerous occasions, each time declining help, however over the course of a couple of weeks his trust grew. He got his hair cut and he was particularly encouraged to see our GP.  He later visited her again at her surgery and he is now getting specialist PTSD support.

Paul’s situation is very much a work in progress but he now appears to be
prepared to trust our advice and sees that we can offer him practical
support. We hope with more time, patience and understanding and more support, we can get Paul off the streets for good.

The Garden House is a vital support to help get rough sleepers off the streets for good, but donations are needed to help run it.  If you would like to donate please use the tap and donate window at the Argo Lounge in Bridge Street when you pass by or make an online donation.

*name has been changed to protect identity

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