As simple as Tap and Donate!

Our contactless donation window is now active in St Peter’s Arcade outside Argo Lounge.

Tap to donate £3, which will go towards the Safer off the Streets partnership to help fund our aim of ending street homelessness.

The machine is set to £3, however you are able to tap as many times as you like!

The card machine can take payment from contactless bank cards, as well as android and apple pay.

An unavoidable 22p bank transaction processing fee is taken by the bank for each £3 donated. The remaining £2.78 is placed directly into a Safer off the Streets bank account.

Donations received will primarily go towards funding the day to day running costs of the drop in hub which will provide advice on support services and health and wellbeing with any additional funds being used for personalised budgets for rough sleepers to encourage them to leave the streets for good.

If you want to help those who beg in Peterborough we’re asking you not to hand over any money, but instead donate to the Safer off the Streets partnership or individually to the number of registered organisations who can help.

A majority of people begging in Peterborough will use the money to feed an addiction, have accommodation or have been provided with housing support but declined it.

There are numerous organisations offering free food to those in genuine need. There are a wide range of services working together in Peterborough to help get genuine rough sleepers off the streets for good.

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