Peterborough’s winter night shelter, which supports rough sleepers during the coldest months of the year, will be opening later this month.

The night shelter has been running since 2015 and supported over 200 homeless people in Peterborough.

The shelter is run by Light Project Peterborough, a group of 15 local churches working together with the council to help reduce rough sleeping in the city.

This year the night shelter will be running for 20 weeks from Monday 25 November until 13 April, and will include more churches than ever before. To stay at the shelter rough sleepers will need to get a referral from The Garden House, in Wheel Yard, Peterborough which is open daily from 10am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 4pm, every day apart from Saturday.

Once a referral is received, rough sleepers will be provided with a meeting point time and place and transport to the church being used that day, where they will receive a warm meal and bed.

Adrian Chapman, city council service director for communities, said: “We are very proud to support and work alongside the Light Project Peterborough and particularly the Winter Night Shelter which is a vital part of the city’s support arrangements for rough sleepers. We have always said that nobody needs to sleep rough in Peterborough and the shelter is one of several initiatives supporting rough sleepers locally.

“Alongside the Night Shelter, there are a range of services and options that are made available and offered to every rough sleeper, including support for those who are struggling with mental health issues or are reliant on drugs or alcohol.”

If you know of someone sleeping rough please notify the council as soon as possible using the rough sleeper referral form.

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