*John is a long time rough sleeper who the council’s outreach workers and volunteers have been trying to engage with for several months.

Reluctant to use the crash beds for rough sleepers, he was falling asleep in door ways and not taking care of himself.

John came to the new homeless drop in hub – The Garden House – a few weeks after it opened.  He explained how he’d secured a job with accommodation however it had fallen through. After several times chatting to John over the next week he was persuaded to come and meet a private landlord, who handed him over keys and took him in straight away.

Council outreach officer Victoria, said: “Watching his face was a picture, you could physically see a weight being lifted.  He came back to the Garden House in the rain the next day excited to tell us all about his new posh kitchen and how new and nice the house was.”

The Garden House is a vital support to help get rough sleepers off the streets for good, but donations are needed to help run it.  If you would like to donate please use the tap and donate window at the Argo Lounge in Bridge Street when you pass by or make an online donation.

*name has been changed to protect identity

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