· Do you see people who are begging or sleeping on the streets?
· Perhaps you have people begging in the area around your business?
· What can you do to help?

Quite simply, you could take one of our collection boxes and display it on your premises. This will allow members of the public to donate to support those who are sleeping on the streets without giving to those who are begging.

The money collected in the boxes will be used by agencies that work with those on the streets to support them into a permanent, sustainable home.

All you need to do is email office@saferoffthestreets.co.uk and we will arrange to have a box dropped off to you. We will then come and collect it once a month, leaving you an empty box to fill over the following month!

Those living on the streets have a life expectancy of 47 years – that is 30 years less than the rest of the population – you can make a difference to people’s lives.


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