Brian* had been a rough sleeper in the city of Peterborough for two years following a breakdown of a relationship breakdown. In December 2018 he was offered the crash bed at Fairview Court for two weeks and he moved into temporary accommodation at Charnwood Close in January 2019. Six months later Brian was offered a permanent home by a local housing provider.

Brian has a diagnosis of anxiety and depression and he finds it difficult to engage with his medication which can lead to situations that leave him vulnerable to receiving and giving abuse. Brian is also an alcohol dependant individual, and he drinks a litre of vodka every day for him to cope with his daily lifestyle.

When Brian moved into his new home, he didn’t have any support in place. Due to his mental health problems and alcohol dependency, he struggled to maintain his tenancy until he was served with a section 21, eviction notice by his landlord because of rent arrears.

A referral was made to Longhurst Group floating support team by his keyworker at Aspire. The support team at the Longhurst Group helped Brian by applying for Universal credit and housing costs payment, registering him with the local GP, going to court to avoid him from being evicted from his flat, and liaised with Brian’s landlord to put a payment plan in place to clear his rent arrears.

Brian is now engaging well with Aspire to address his alcohol dependency and is no longer causing problems in the city centre, he has a secure tenancy and is now talking to his family and they are planning to pay some of his bills for him.

*name changed for privacy

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