Charities, voluntary organisations and agencies gather together to launch the Charter for Safer off the Streets


Our vision: To end street homelessness the right way by providing a safe and secure home and enabling people to be part of the local community.

We will do this by…

Supporting the partnership in organising street homelessness outreach programmes that will have the maximum impact on assisting those living on the streets.

the work that is done in the city.

key stakeholders and the wider population of Peterborough on the true facts about street homelessness both nationally and locally so that we can dispel myths and develop a clear understanding of the situation in Peterborough.

the people of Peterborough to pledge their support, by providing proven ways in which they can help.

Using enforcement to protect those who are living on the streets from violence, abuse, theft and discrimination.


All of our work both individually and collectively will be undertaken in a way that:

  • Protects people from violence, abuse, theft and discrimination.
  • Is non-judgemental and treats people with respect at all times.
  • Listens to those with lived experience when planning and delivering our services.
  • Provides every person with an offer that allows them to leave the streets.
  • Ensures all can access the information and services and have the same opportunities to access training,
    volunteering, leisure and employment
    as the rest of the city.