New SOS Amazon Wishlist

There are many ways you can support the rough sleepers and the organisations that support them on the streets and help them transition into secure housing. One way you can […]

The ex-serviceman’s story

While each person’s story is unique, there can be a complex number of factors that can contribute to why people find themselves facing homelessness. People are coming to seek help at […]

John’s journey off the streets

*John is a long time rough sleeper who the council’s outreach workers and volunteers have been trying to engage with for several months. Reluctant to use the crash beds for […]

Meals and Food banks

A summary of locally available hot meals and the Peterborough food bank.


The night shelter has been running since 2015 and has supported over 150 homeless people in Peterborough. This Winter season the night shelter will be running from 26 November until 18 March.