The Safer Off the Streets partnership is not a charity (although we have many charities in the partnership). It is a partnership of organisations from voluntary, faith, community and public sector organisations who are working together to tackle rough sleeping in the city.

The money that we raise through donations is spent to keep the Garden House (based in the Peterborough Cathedral grounds) open. This is a day centre hub which can be accessed by rough sleepers for a cup of tea and a chat. Visitors to the Garden House will be able to get support from outreach officers to get them into accommodation, drink/drug support services, GP services, haircuts, art therapy, gardening therapy or just a place to sit and have a cup of tea and a chat with a volunteer who makes them feel welcome.

All our partners are fully supporting of the Garden House and the good work it does and direct rough sleepers to access the Garden House and its facilities to help them on their first stage of the journey in getting off the streets for good.

The Garden House is run by The Light Project Peterborough (which is a charity), and relies on funds to keep it open and to provide the services listed above.

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